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Teatro de lectores- 01 La Responsabilidad (Readers’ Theater in Spanish)

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What makes this script special? This is a readers’ theater that incorporates social skills, introduces vocabulary and can be differentiated. Our students come to us at different levels, you can differentiate by having them practice on their own if they are already reading, If they are not there yet, and you also want to integrate technology, you can use the audio QR codes where I recorded their reading parts. I made sure the scripts are not too long, interesting and that lead to a conversation about social skills, in this case responsibility. What skills will my students be working on? Fluency, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension. Tips for implementing this activity? You are an expert when it comes to your kids, but here are a few tips on how I implement this activity in my classroom. I have also included a step instruction on this packet. There are 6 characters in this edition, so students will have to share role. I like to pair them up by ability but with the QR code you can still have your advanced and beginner readers together. Before the play, we play the “I have, who has?” game. This helps to familiarize students with the new vocabulary. When we decide on the roles, the first thing I do is to have them color their reading parts using the cast page.


¿Qué hace que este guión sea especial? Se trata de un teatro de lectores que incorpora habilidades sociales, introduce vocabulario relacionado al tema y puede diferenciarse según el nivel de lectura. Nuestros estudiantes llegan a nuestro salón de clases con diferentes niveles de lectura, no todos tienen que practicar de la misma manera; si ya están leyendo, pueden practicar solos o con amigos, pero si no están leyendo todavía, puede integrar tecnología usando los códigos de QR incluidos en donde he grabado la parte de cada personaje por separado. Los guiones no son demasiado largos, son interesantes y conducen a una conversación sobre el tema, la responsabilidad en este caso. ¿En qué habilidades estarán trabajando mis estudiantes? Fluidez, vocabulario, comprensión auditiva y de lectura.

IDIOMA: Español GRADO: K-2

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1 review for Teatro de lectores- 01 La Responsabilidad (Readers’ Theater in Spanish)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Love it! So engaging.

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